Friday, August 2, 2013

Step 7

Protect your water source from radioactivity.

1. First and always keep a two weeks supply of filtered water on hand.

In order to figure out the amount to have for your whole family, calculate at least 1 gallon per person per day for drinking and sanitation. Do not forget to include water supplies for your pets.

If a two week supply is too much to handle, be sure you have at ieast 3 days worth.

A word of caution: Unopened (sealed) water bottles should be good for at least 1 year. After a bottle is opened, the water will begin to grow bacteria in less than a month. So if you are filling up bottles of water as your emergency supply, you need to empty your bottles and refill once a month
注意: 開封していない水ボトルは1年間は大丈夫なはずです。キャップを開けてしまったものは1ヶ月以内にバクテリアが繁殖し始めます。もし緊急用としてボトルに水をためておくのであれば、毎月1度、ボトルの水を入れ替える必要があります。

As a fall back, if you don’t have clean, refilled open bottles or sealed purchased water and an emergency happens, it is good to know that  a typical home water heater can provide 30 or more gallons of clean drinking water.

To use the water in your tank, first turn off the electricity or gas to the water heater. Then, close the supply valve to preserve the cleanliness of the water in the tank. Next, get the air out of the tank by opening any hot water tap such as the kitchen sink. (note: The water coming out of the tank may be very hot.) You can use a short water hose (e.g., the supply hose to a Washing machine) to drain the water from the tank. Use a screwdriver or coin to operate the drainage valve. If you do not have a hose to transfer the water to jugs or pots, use a shallow pan to collect the water. Allow the tank to fill before restoring power to the water heater.

2. Then, be sure that, if a nuclear disaster happens, you will have a regular supply of water that is free from radioactivity.

Ideally you have a water well that is in the ground – it would be protected from atmospheric fallout.  If you can dig a well easily on your property – dig a well.  After the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Rod Marining, co-founder of Greenpeace,  moved from the coast to 100 Mile House so he could give his family clean well water.

In Vancouver, unfortunately, we have open water reservoirs and Metro Vancouver does not test our drinking water supply on a regular basis. If they do, they do not report it on their website.

So you need to buy a water filter that filters out radionuclides:

a.Buy a stainless steel water filter from Your Water Matters.

click image to go to Your Water Matters website

b.Add a reverse osmosis filter that filters out radioistopes.

click image to go to Aquasafe system website

c. And for added security, you could to the above system, a zeolite filter that absorbs radioisotopes.

OR: you can buy a complete reverse osmosis system - Multi-Pure’s CBT-Plus-RO from Your Water Matters for about $600.
あるいは-完全な逆浸透ろ過システムを購入しましょう。Multi-Pure’s CBT-Plus-ROは、Your Water Mateersで約$600で入手できます。

click image to go to Multi-Pure's CBT-Plus-RO website

This way, you don’t have to hope that the civic drinking water is being checked and that the allowable level of radionuclides is not above what you would like to be drinking (i.e. zero)

Information from Water Matters

The EPA recommends RO and ion exchange for radionuclides.The information they provide is very general. There are no NSF standards or tested protocols.Companies who sell water treatment equipment do not test specifically for radionuclides as there is no protocol to test with.
Gases, like iodine 131, can penetrate through a reverse osmosis membrane.There is some evidence that activated carbon may capture iodine 131.Carbon blocks activated for lead removal (using ion exchange)may also have some effectiveness against Cesium -137. However, as you know, once captured, the radionuclides will continue to emit, making frequent changeouts even more important.

Combining a high quality RO membrane with carefully chosen carbon and possibly adding extra ion exchange cartridge would probably be your best bet.

You can’t beat Multi-Pure for quality and for longstanding reputation:
complete reverse osmosis system - Multi-Pure’s CBT-Plus-RO
質の良さと、長年の評判から 逆浸透ろ過システム Multi-Pure’s CBT-Plus-ROに勝るものはないでしょう。

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