Friday, August 2, 2013

Step 14

Be prepared for extreme psychological distress.

Nothing on earth can prepare you for the psychological stress you will feel when you learn that there has been a nuclear disaster close to your home and the radioactive plume is coming your way.

You have followed all the Steps to Nuclear Preparedness and know what to do with your air and water and food.  You may be ready and able to monitor with a Geiger counter.  You may even have an alternative home in the Southern Hemisphere picked out.

If you think it is a serious event, you will have the anguish of deciding whether or not to leave.

If you decide to stay, then the mental anguish of knowing everything is contaminated is difficult to imagine.

Whether you stay or leave, your life will be changed forever. 

Some family members will leave and others will refuse to leave resulting in family break ups.  You will likely experience break ups with friends, neighbours, colleagues and your community as a whole as well - with all those people that you have loved so much.

You may feel extremely isolated. You may be very surprised with the fact that your government, or school or and many other organizations that you had believed to would protect you, your community, and your country will not protect you. You may be shocked that these organizations protect THEIR interests instead. Do not be disappointed. You cannot afford to take the time to sit and be surprised. Just be ready for the surprise and prepare to stand up for yourself and your family.

Read this story to get an idea of what life could be like if the radioactive fallout from a nuclear meltdown contaminated the area you live in.

『壊れていく』 (日本語)

Remember that the fallout from Fukushima reached all the way to Tokyo.  The fallout also reached the west coast of North America and, in fact, went around the northern hemisphere. There is great truth to the saying that "a nuclear accident anywhere is a nuclear accident everywhere".

It will be agonizing to decide if the fallout has affected your food supply. Our stores import foods now from all over the world.  You will start reading labels to decide on the country of origin.  You will hear that contaminated food has been relabelled to hide the true origin and you will not be able to trust the origin of your food.  You will hear that contaminated food has been mixed with clean food in order to “dilute” the radiation. You will wonder if the food has been grown in a contaminated area.  You will not know.

All you can do now is to prepare yourself with the knowledge that you will experience extreme anxiety.

You can prepare a bit for that by

--having all the Steps in place –(if you are prepared, it will ease the stress)
 備えの全てのステップを心得る。 (備えあれば憂いなし、です)

--having a relaxation plan in place (relaxation tapes, yoga practice, meditation practice)
 くつろぎの計画を立てる。 (癒しのテープ、ヨガ、瞑想など)

--having a network of like-minded friends in place with whom you can discuss the event

--having the knowledge you can’t possibly imagine what it will be like and be prepared for that fact. For everything else, you will need to be flexible and able to adapt to whatever comes your way.

--having the knowledge that you will be able to do this.  Just know that you will rise to the occasion and do the best job possible.

Stay Calm and Carry On!

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